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Here's what people are saying about Jamika Troy!

"My EAP referred me to Ms. Jamika and I am so happy they did. Jamika changed my life. I will pay out of pocket to keep seeing her after my EAP sessions end. She's worth every dime." -SC/2021

"My marriage would be over if I did not go to therapy. I recommend therapy to anyone. Jamika is so relatable. She's the life coach we all need when things rough." -EJ/2021

"She (Jamika) told me she was only doing Teleheatlh session because of the pandemic so I didn't schedule an appointment. I wanted to be seen in an office but everytime I would ask people for a referral Jamika name kept coming back up. I gave her a try and wished I made the appointment sooner. Jamika knows what she is doing. Just make the appointment. You won't regret it." -KE/2021

"Ms. Jamika is fantastic! I did not want to do virtual sessions but after the first session I was hooked. Jamika listened to me and I felt instantly connected to her." -AD/2021

"Its simple. Make the appointment. You won't be disappointed. You will have to do the work but working with Jamika makes it seem possible. She breaks it down for you. You will see things differently." -PL/2021

"I never been to therapy before. Jamika is the only therapist I've had. Jamika is the only therapist I will ever have. She changed my outlook on counseling. I should have gone earlier. One suggestion, take a writing pad with you. Time goes by fast in the sessions and Jamika gives you so much to think about. You'll want to write it down. Trust me." -DN/2021

"We all want the traditional sessions where we sit across from our therapist. I wanted that too but it was hard to find during this pandemic. I needed help coping with the new normal. Jamika wasn't seeing clients in office when I made my first appointment and I was skeptical about virtual sessions. If Jamika was conducting sessions under a umbrella at Piedmont Park I would be there. This lady is good at what she does." -JS/2021

"My therapist went on vacation for two months and I had to find someone else. I was really struggling. I don't know where Jamika came from but I'm thankful I found her. I will not be going back to my old therapist." -EE/2020

"I struggled with my emotions during this pandemic. Jamika was easy to talk to. She helped me see things in a new way."-AG/2020

"If I knew therapy would be like this I would have booked an appointment sooner. Jamika is good at what she does." -DW/2020

"I've been in therapy off and on for years so I know the routine but Jamika was different. She listened. I felt seen by her. She understood. She gave clarity to things I couldn't fully explain. I will only seek therapy from Ms. Troy and you should too." -TK/2020

"In another life Jamika should have been a public speaker. I have notes in my phone from our sessions that I read throughout the week. I hope she writes a book." -UD/2020

"I wasn't sure about receiving telehealth services. I wasn't sure I would make a connect that way. I was wrong. There was an instant connection with Jamika." -SW/2020

"Jamika offered me a free 15 minute consultation and I tried to turn it into a full session. She answered all of my questions and explained things I never knew before. I look forward to my therapy time with her." -JB/2020

"My therapist is better than yours. Period!" -TT/2019

"I'm a man and I go to therapy. Jamika has helped me overcome major challenges in my life. There, I said it." -SF/2019

"It was my husband idea to start therapy. Its the best decision he made on his own. Thank you Jamka for helping me save my marriage."-TE/2019

"I don't like therapy but I keep making appointments. Jamika helps me confront the things I have ignored for years. I like it and hate it." -PD/2019

"When Jamika tells a story, listen. Its the best part of the session for me." -JD/2019

"I never would have guessed that so much wisdom was inside this small frame of a lady. Jamika is my therapist and she should become yours too."-MD/2019

"Therapy is not what you see on tv. I trust Jamika with my deepest concerns and fears." -SC/2019

"She gets it. Jamika gets me! Finally, someone understands."-PK/2019

"Jamika gave me so much to think about in our first session. I left that meeting mad that I had taken so long to make the call. Therapy works and Jamika helps." -CD/2019

"With her (Jamika) I have a connection. She relates to my experiences. We laugh, I cry and together we find a way to move past my pain." -DT/2019

"Just make the call and show up. You won't regret it."-PL/2019

"If you drive to Fayetteville for counseling you're wasting your time if you aren't going to see Jamika. Period."-AL/2019

"I was referred to Ms.Troy by my neighbor. When I spoke with Ms.Troy on the phone I knew I had made the right call. Her energy is contagious."-PC/2019

"Men don't go to therapy, we go to the barbershop. Jamika should open up another location next to a barbershop. This lady is the real deal."-MH/2019

"I wish I met Jamika outside of therapy. She's the type of person you would want as a friend but so grateful to have as your therapist."-RB/2019

"Jamika has a way of breaking things down so you get it. She gives me clarity when life seems so confusing."-YM/2019

"My marriage was over and I knew it. I went to therapy just to say I tried everything I could to save it. Jamika helped me get to the root of the problems. I been married now for 27 years... and counting. Thank you Jamika for everything."-DF/2019

"My mom died last year and I didn't know how to cope. I was losing faith in everything. Talking to Jamika help so much just after the first session."-SH/2019

"Jamika keeps it real. She is funny too. I find inspiration from the stories she share. I leave the office feeling so much better."-TT/2019

"My parents told me I had to go to counseling. I now look forward to going. Jamika really listens and I respect her so much."-AM/2019

"I didn't know what to expect. I had never gone to therapy before. When I met Jamika in the lobby I knew I was in the right place. She was so friendly."-BT/2019

“I feel better, energized and motivated every time I leave her office.”-SY/2018

”As a man, going to therapy seemed weak. I planned to only go once. Just to say I tried it. I’ve been seeing Jamika for 5 months now. She validated my feelings but also challenges me when I’m being irrational. I appreciate that. -KR/2018

”Her office is my safe place. I can talk without fear of judgment when I’m in session” -SR/2018

”I knew Jamika would terminate our time in session soon. It was time but I wasn’t ready. I needed to keep coming. She pushed me past my fears and just like she said...I was ready to fly on my own” -AC/2018

”My parents told me I had to talk to someone. I’m 16, I talk to my friends. I knew from the moment I saw Ms. Jamika that she was going to be in my life for a long time. And she’s funny too!”-SD/2018

”The stories Jamika share are often personalized with her own experiences. It helps me to see her as just another person which helps me feel comfortable sharing. She’s not your typical therapist. She’s better!”-OM/2018

"If you are looking for a good, I mean great, I mean funny, I mean real, I mean honest, I mean whatever you are looking for Jamika has it. Just make the call and show up. She's that good. I mean amazing." -TE/2018

"Jamika was ready to work on the day I showed up. I thought I would just sit on the couch and listen to her advice. That didn't happen. I was challenged. I had to think. I had to make some decisions. I had the right therapist." -KB/2018

"Jamika challenged me from the door. She taught me how to look at my situation from another way and gain the strength to do something different." -TW/2018

"Jamika is the kind of therapist that makes you see life differently." -TK/2018

"I came to see Jamika after I got out of the hospital. I did not want to see another doctor. Jamika was so cool. She didn't hold me hand and she made me stand on my own feet. I like coming here." -AT/2018

"When I was looking for a therapist I came across Jamika website. I read a few of the comments and decided to give her a try. After the first session I told her I wanted to write a review on my first visit. Jamika encouraged me to be honest. Everything people have said about her is true! She changed my life the first day I met her." -SD/2018

"Just make the call and then show up (on time). Jamika was waiting in the lobby on me. I felt so relaxed just seeing her face. "-AB/2018

"My probation officer said I had to come to therapy. I called 4 people and Jamika was the last one on the list. I should have called her first. I did what the court said but I still kept coming to see Ms. Jamika. I think everybody should go to therapy now." CH/2018

"As a man I thought I made a mistake coming to see a woman therapist. Jamika listened, she allowed me to speak without judgment and made me feel at home right there on the couch. I made the right decision to come back for the follow up visit. Now I look forward to every session with her." -SM/2018

"Ms. Jamiika, thank you! I knew the moment you opened the door that we were in the right place. You made my daughter laugh and in you we saw a beautiful, confident, and overall amazingly gifted black woman. Thank you for restoring my child confidence. She (we) are so happy we found you." -TG/2018

"I didn't know what to do and making the call was hard. It was a Sunday but Jamika called me back. It made all the difference." -SR/2017

"I just wanted someone to talk to and she (Jamika) listened." LH/2017

"I wasn't happy when she gave me homework. Now I don't leave the session without asking for it" -KT/2017

"Nothing changes if nothing changes. She (Jamika) tells me that all the time. I hear it in my sleep. But she (Jamika) was right." -KP/2017

"She (Jamika) helped me save my marriage. I will tell anybody to call her. She's the real deal." -ST/2017

"I was remarried when I first met Ms. Jamika. I wish I had found her sooner. Not that my first marriage would have worked out but I would have been a different man maybe a better man. My new wife is getting the best version of me and coming to see Jamika helped." -KW/2017

"I remember when my EAP session ran out but I was feeling like I still needed somebody to talk to. She (Jamika) pushed me to stand up on my own again. I respect her so much for that." -PH/2017

"She (Jamika) is really funny. I like hearing her stories. I see myself in all of them." -TT/2017

"I stop going to therapy after my divorce for about 3 months. I had loss myself but Jamika helped me find me again." -CF/2017

"She is my therapist but I would have chosen her as a friend but she real serious about that ethical stuff. LOL. The best therapist and overall person I know." -SP/2017

"I remember when she (Jamika) showed me something in myself I did not want to face. I got really mad at her but she did not care. She reminded me that she was not my friend and only friends were concerned with being liked. I wish I met her sooner." -KL/2017

"Something that's been helpful in therapy....I guess the way she (Jamika) holds my feet to the fire. She pushes me to accept accountability." -HD/2017

'I have referred 3 people to her. That's how much she has helped me." -OL/2017

"Jamika is a good listener." -AG/2017

'I relapsed twice in therapy. Jamika didn't judge me but she did tell me to call my sponsor. Jamika was as happy as I was when I made it to 30 days clean." -GH/2017

"I think any can get something out of theapy and should go." -MC/2017

"The first time I called she (Jamika) had no more appointments left that week. I had already called 2 other therapist and I was going to just give up. Somehow I made it through that week and I called Jamika back. I'm glad I called back." -FG/2017

'When my mom died I felt so alone. Jamika helped me to find peace." -SE/2017

"My girl and I was having problems talking to each other. I thought Jamika would take my girl side but she remained neutral and helped us both. I respect Jamika for that." -CJ/2017

"To save my marriage my wife told me I had to go to theapy. Guess who now makes the appointments? I enjoy every session." -CT/2017